Seidi Ibrahim is a 38 year old Master Carver from the Moshi Dagbani ethnic group in Bako, Upper East Ghana. His life-long goal is to build an orphanage with the proceeds from his art sales. Though he cannot read or write, he he speaks 3 languages and taught himself beginner’s Mandarin to communicate with the Chinese art collectors who frequent his shop.

Seidi needs to be able to read text messages from his potential customers to increase his earning potential and overall quality of life.  Help him take eight 1.5  half hour reading classes with certified  English eacher Mary Dzifa Woasey.

Abduli (5 years old) and Mohhamed (9 years old) both had their schooling interrupted because Seidis income was drastically impacted by the lack of tourism during Covid. Help both children continue school for 1 year at St.Mary’s School in Accra.

Known as Twisted for the way his music shocks the listener’s ear, Michael “TwistedWavex” Dzitrinu is a 28 year old sound engineer who taught himself the piano and the mixing software FL Studio. Raising himself since 7 years old in the bustling streets of Accra, Michael creates truly timeless music by merging the modern Afrobeat groove with Hip Life, Hip-Hop and traditional West African sounds. He has produced an award-winning album out of a tiny 8x8foot studio which he lovingly named “Cosdo” after his late parents who both transitioned when he was young. 

Twisted’s next step is recording live versions of his artists’ music. Help him finally be able to record multiple artists / instruments at a time with this advance piece of equipment: a sound card. 

Sponsor a  twice-a-week 1-on-1 intensive for 3 months with a seasoned engineer who will teach Twisted how to manage instruments and vocals through electronic amplification equipment to create the correct overall sound for concerts. This  will help increase his income as most paid jobs in town require this training.

Recently Twisted finally got his own place. Now he’s beginning the work of turning 4 walls into a studio. Help him with the essentials of a recording studio: chairs (3) and acoustic panels.

Deff AKA Kingsley, painter and father to a 1-year-old son has painted 40+ murals across Ghana’s capital – Accra. In 2020 the Mexican embassy of Ghana commissioned him for a portrait of the late artist Toledo. Deff has watched his parents struggle to put him through art school and when his father (a mechanic) suffered a stroke, his mother (a seamstress) began selling vegetables in the market at age 60 for income. He’s the caregiver to his son, 2 brothers and parents; though scoring small wins through his hard work, he admits: “some months nothing at all comes in.

Deff’s father suffered a stroke in 2016. He says: “If I get money, I’m going to buy my father one of those electric wheelchairs so his feet don’t drag on the ground when he walks.” Fighting back tears he admits: “I hate seeing my dad like that.”

Deff’s tiny studio makes it difficult tt to progress his career. When buyers come, he has to put some paintings out on the street to make room for them to sit. He says: “It drives me crazy when I open the door and look it.”  Plus, the tiny space makes it impossible for him to paint large-scale paintings – the kind needed to appeal to the highest paying galleries in the country. Help Deff rent a studio fit for an upcoming art star.

Help Deff master watercolor from renown teacher Enoch Mensah who studied at the Teragogen School of Art and has exhibited his paintings in several countries including Ghana, Turkey,  China,  Colombia, Nigeria, Italy, and France. This class is twice-a-week for 3 months and would increase Deff’s overall earning potential.

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