Give Resources Instead of Cash

Instead of donating cash, you can directly impact a student’s life by our Donor’s Choice program which allows a donor to purchase gifts directly off of a student’s Wish List. Lists are carefully curated by the student together with the directors in order to ensure that your donation makes an effective, long term change in an artist’s life. Common wishes include things like paying their children’s school fees, upgrading tools, and housing.

Train & Educate

We source impactful trainings, classes and certificate programs our artist should peruse to give them an advantage in both their personal lives and the art world today. Our ultimate goal is to work with career coaches to strategically determine the best programs. For now, we let the artist tell us what they feel they need to learn and then we fund it.

Build a
World-Class Art Gallery

Build a World-Class Art Gallery

Students will display their best works in exhibitions at the Ghifted Gallery of Fine African Art, projected to be located in the hills of Aburi, Ghana. This site will allow students to access a wider arts community, advertise their skills, and gain private clients. Patrons can purchase the student’s works online or in person. The gallery will also house classrooms, workshop spaces, and student living quarters.

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