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We are incredibly excited to officially launch Ghifted School & Gallery as an emerging social impact organization based in West Africa and the USA. This adult-learning program builds bridges between philanthropists and extremely talented, impoverished artists in Ghana to afford them education while promoting their contemporary and traditional art.

We have something for everyone — so our question to you is:

Who are you?

I'm a life changer — I want to buy a gift for an artist

Woohoo! You're about to directly impact someone's life in a big way. We asked our students "What do you need to succeed?" And they responded. Choose a gift from their wish list.
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I'm an art collector — I want to buy some art

Same. We love high-quality African pieces. Shop to see our artwork. Remember 50% of your sale goes directly to the artist!
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I love your vision — I want to donate

*Cue the tears* You're really too kind! Donating this way helps keep the lights on and the staff fed. We are so grateful!
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I'm an investor — I want to chat about Ghana

Ghana is an emerging economy with many sectors to invest in. We're particularly excited about partners interested in real-estate. Call: +233 055 405 5532 / Email:
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